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Terms and Conditions, Privacy Statement

Terms and Conditions

【Operation Policy】

Daiwa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a research and development enterprise to carry out development of its unique materials for functional foods based on evidence. This website is established and operated in order to make open disclosure of our domestic and international activities and our accumulated academic data.

【Terms of use】

A website of Daiwa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. provided in the domain name of “daiwa-pharm.com” (hereinafter called “this Website”) is operated by Daiwa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Your use of this Website is subject to your agreement to the terms stated below (hereinafter called “these Terms”). These Terms may be changed without notice to you. Therefore, you must confirm any change in these Terms on your own responsibility.


The copyright of all the contents on this Website, daiwa-pharm.com, shall vest in Daiwa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Copyright(C) Daiwa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.

【Restriction on use】

This Website is provided for your non-commercial, private use. No commercial purpose website is allowed to link to this Website. Furthermore, you are not allowed to change, copy, distribute, transmit or display any information obtained from this Website nor use any of it for the purpose of creating derivative works.


“BioBran,” “NKCP,” “NKCP” and others that are posted on this Website are trademarks or registered trademarks of Daiwa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Nobody is allowed to use them without permission. Please contact us with any queries.


While the Company operates the contents on this Website with the greatest care, the Company makes no warranty as to their completeness, accuracy, safety, efficacy, etc., and will not assume any liability for any trouble, loss or damage that may arise due to the use of this Website. In addition, the Company will not assume any liability for third parties' websites that link to this Website. Please acknowledge that any information provided on this Website may be changed or removed without notice where necessary.

Privacy Statement

Daiwa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called the “Company”) considers protecting your personal information to be one of its most important social responsibilities. The Company establishes the following policy for protection of personal information and ensures compliance with it by all of the Company's officers and both internal and outside staff.

1. Collection

When the Company intends to collect your personal information, such collection will be made after clarifying its purpose and obtaining your consent. With respect to collection of information on websites, the Company adopts security technologies by SSL, to enable automatic encryption of your information for receipt or transmission, in order that the Company takes all possible preventive measures not to cause leakage to outsiders or falsification of your information.

2. Purpose of use

Your information will be used only for delivery by the Company or other appropriate purposes.

3. Provision

In no event will the Company intentionally sell or transfer any information to be collected from you to third parties. Where the Company needs to provide your information to any third party within proper purposes, the Company will obtain your express consent and handle your information appropriately.

4. Complete control of personal information

For strict protection of your personal information, the Company will continuously instruct its officers and both internal and outside staff and implement complete control of your personal information.

5. Protection of personal information on other websites that link to this website

The Company's policy does not apply to your personal information and others on any third party website that links to the Company's website, and the Company will not assume any liability for them.